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Monday, January 18, 2010

Marketing to Moms

Positive Impact helps companies understand and connect with mommybloggers and other influential digital moms. I write a weekly-ish post on marketing to mom bloggers over at Hormone-colored Days and am archiving them here, with the most recent post appearing at the top. As with many blogs, some of the best nuggets of wisdom can be found in the comments, so be sure to read them.

Updated 12/23/09

In Defense of Twitter Parties I believe it was Jan Brady who taught us that it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. My evolving view of Twitter parties.

What a Momblogger Wants One mom spells it out.

Kim's Commandments O' Swag How can brands ensure the best match between swag and attendees?

Social Media Moms for Hire On hiring a virtual tour guide to help you navigate the momosphere.

Panties in a Bunch over Pasties Are tech conferences still a Guy Thing?

More Mommybloggers in the News
After a local news crew plays a momblogger for a fool, I'm grateful they never followed through on their stated intent to interview me. Read the post to learn why.

In Which I Become One of Those Moms A reminder that bloggers are pro-choice and that women bloggers don't always have daughters.

Brands That Got it Right at BlogHer09 There's been a lot of post-BlogHer09 buzz about outrageous swag and rampant commercialism, check out who got in right at this key women's blogging conference.

Mommybloggers in the News Is there more to being a top blogger than posting reviews and giveaways? Is a PR Blackout necessary?

Understanding Mom Bloggers Thoughts to help you understand and work with mombloggers rather than market to them.

Influence and the Nielsen Power 50 Moms As always, reader comments make this musing on moms of influence even better.

Inviting Diversity, Part I
Because white moms aren't the only ones who buy your products.

What You Say Can Be Used Against You in a Court of Law Proposed FTC laws and what they might mean for bloggers.

Announcing My BlogHer Sponsor
Pros and cons of sponsorship.

Peter Shankman is from Mars and MommyBloggers are from Venus
Thoughts on the Mom-Borg Collective.

No Child Left Behind
When you reach out to mommybloggers, you make a lasting impression on their children.

Avoiding Mistakes Social Media Mistakes with Moms

Moms, Show us your Stats!
Some of us are a little slow to reveal. Does size matter, anyway?

How to Host a Successful Twitter Party
Ever get annoyed by all those hashtags? Me, too.

Marketing Mavens Miss the Point
My take on an overused term.

Why Hire a Marketing Technopologist When You can Hire a Social Media Mom?
The title says it all. Read how a social media mom can be a boon to your marketing efforts.

Two Great Parties in One Week
The benefits of hiring a mom blogger or social media mom.

MommyBloggers are Pro-Choice
Click to learn why.

My Panties are in a Bunch over Walmart
Yawn. I'm always getting my panties in a bunch over America's largest retailer.

Avoiding Sticky Situations
When a peanut butter brand reached out to me and asked me not to share.

PR Pros vs. PR Hacks
What's the difference?

My first blog review, October 2006 I've come a long way, baby.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Kim Moldofsky founded Positive Impact, Inc. in 1996 as woman-owned consulting concern focused on improving teamwork within organizations. Kim and her subcontractors developed and facilitated customized, active team building programs for Sears, Anderson Consulting, and the Social Security Administration, among others.

Kim also developed programs on creativity and innovation and was a popular guest speaker in an MBA course on the topic at DePaul University.

Five years later, with two young children at home, Kim needed a family-friendly change and moved the company in a new direction, providing communications materials such as case studies and newsletters for businesses.

By 2007, Kim was an established writer and blogger. And in 2008, she launched consulting services to help companies understand and connect with online mom influencers.

Read more about Kim's published writing, public speaking and media appearances.